Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Single Man - Elton john

Well, I am all packed (well nearly if I am being honest) and ready for 'The World's Toughest Footrace' - The 27th Sultan Marathon des Sables.

Now there's only one thing worse than one person packing for the race - it's TWO people and yes it's good that we are there to check out each others prep but it's a nightmare making sure we don't duplicate gear and that all of our relative kit goes into the relative suitcases... However my laid back approach combined with Jenny's Milligram accuracy has helped us both no-end I believe.

Hopefully, we've got all that we need for the race and we've actually got last minute gear going with us to Gatwick for some of the other runners! Let's hope we have space in our luggage for it all eh?

Anyway, all we can do now is take it easy to our first race day on Sunday. Please follow our progress on and we are numbers #521 Jenny and #391 me.

Hopefully you like my painted toenails and they will last the trip - Megathanks to Carys Hall at 'The Feet and Face Place' in Canton, Cardiff today - she's a genius I reckon and I might just have them like this all the time...

So just a matter of 156 miles and a bit of sand to go for us and there will be more on ULTRAtalk when we get back on Monday April 16th... ARAF!!!

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