Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Back Home - England World Cup Squad

Well 'Back Home' for a day anyway as we now head north to Inverness in preparation for the JOGLE Ultra which starts on Friday this week.

Last weeks, 27th SULTAN Marathon des Sables, is in the bag and this year we endured the toughest course, the most diverse of elements and enjoyed a fantastic 4th placed woman for Jenny (38th overall) and a 2nd placing for her in the team prizes with her Eurosport team-mates.

My 226th (38th - V50 Man) was also most pleasing and an 11 places uplift on last years results... good news is that in another 20 years and I will be top 10!!!...

Worst bit is cleaning up all the kit for next year... our poor washing machine. Anyway it won't be working too hard over the next 16 days as it's time for our annual trip to John O'Groats and time for our JOGLE Ultra race, The Ultimate Ultra-Marathon...

Hopefully you will follow us on our JOGLE Blog at http://www.jogleultra.blogspot.com/ .

More from the journey oop north... and bring on THE JOGLE...

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