Sunday, 1 April 2012

Light Up - Katy B

Are you enjoying the light nights? We are and it's just in time for us to go to Morocco... For me the dark days of Winter drive me potty and the limited daylight hours surely can't be healthy for mind or body so the lengthening daylight hours are just the ticket right now.

On the way to Brecon yesterday we saw lots of green sprouting leaves and the candles of the Horse-Chestnut trees already starting to show, so on our return from the Desert hopefully Spring will have finally sprung and we will come back to a very colourful Wales.

It won't be for long of course as we will be straight off to JOGLE but there's a 156 mile Desert Dragon to conquer first and this time next week... well Stage 1 will hopefully be in the bag...

Enjoy it while it lasts friends...

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