Monday, 5 November 2012

Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath

OMG it's November already and that means it's Druid's Challenge week and there are three marathons to get in this week for some of us brave enough to weather the elements of a very wet and windy UK. With the huge rainfall this last weekend it doesn't bode well for a trek along The Ridgeway on Friday.

I'm looking forward to it of course as it will drag me three closer to the 750 marathon target I wanted to surpass by the end of this year... but it's a far cry from the 29 degrees that Jenny is 'suffering' in Sydney right now on her hols and at a clear 28 degrees warmer than Doncastershire right now, it does make you realise why people decide to go and live down under.

All I can think is that in a couple of months it can only get better... I don't mind sub-zero temperatures as long as it STOPS RAINING as it really is my personal HELL.

More tomorrow... when I have toughened up a bit. Now where's my feather duster?

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