Friday, 28 September 2012

Lady GaGa - Born this Way

Now if you are a regular blog-reader, you'll know I'm not into the old Lady GaGa music, I'm more of a Radio GaGa man... however, I am interested in what is trending newswise and what is seen by the general public as news or as being important to value comment etc.

Take the picture of GaGa for instance and it's top news on MSN this morning showing a rather more rounded raunchy songstress than we have previously been used to seeing. Apparently it's her 'Body Revolution'...On further investigation, GaGa has gone on to say that she is happy with her new +25lbs size on twitter. I'm sure she's not...

Is the Lady heading down a Britney route of self image destruction? Let's hope not eh... she needs to take heed of Madonna's best part of  30 year s'success has been based around being lean and sexy... There's a lot to learn from Old Maj about longevity in the limelight as you have to work extremely hard to get your goal but even harder to stay there...

I'm not sure if The GaGa is coming to Cardiff but if she is I'll quite happily get her down to the gym and run a few miles with her to shake off those extra pounds like lots of my clients do, very easily.

I'll even give her a free 12 week plan... as long as she promises not to sing! Can you run in fishnets btw?

More tomorrow, might give that a try :-)....

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