Friday, 15 April 2011

Hold your head up - Argent

Well today has brought some energy back to the 'Tired Old Man of Morocco' and I managed a good five miler out on the trail today in good tempo. Certainly the good weather of the last few days have made things a lot better out there for running and training outside. The fields around Breaston are as dry as Ouarzazate and my favourite Horse Chestnuts are in full leaf and starting to flower!

It all made me feel I could have gone and bashed out a sub 4 at London this weekend but I will save my energy and mileage for a few marathons with the JOGLE Ultra runners in the next week or so. I must say that I am starting to look forward to seeing the length of the UK again and it will also provide Jenny with valuable M2M training too.

Let's hope the weather continues, especially over the weekend as we are 'Beach bound in ARAF'...

Hychwaneg fory...

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