Monday, 18 April 2011

The Final Countdown - Europe

'9bar JOGLE Ultra' - 3 days to the Start

I am sure that there are some sleepless nights ahead now for 'The Magnificent Seven' as they begin the final countdown before the biggest ULTRArace of their lives... 860+ miles on the road over 16 days is something to be very respectful of for both runners and voyeurs as they run their hearts ourt and we look on as the drama unfolds.

In the ULTRArace office it's all JOGLE right now and we are already packing supplies for the long journey up to Inverness on Wednesday.

JOGLE fever has also hit our email as 2012 is already booking up fast with 6/13 places filled with at least the same amount considering their entry status... no doubt they are looking in right here to see what happens to the class of 2011 first.
Intro's to 'The Magnificent Seven', tomorrow... and more then.

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